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What A Wonderful Man I Did Find!

Today is the Hardworking Husband’s and my anniversary.  We have been married for 3 years.  Even though I am the elderly one of the group, I have been married the least amount of time.  I took my time finding the man of my dreams.  And what a wonderful man I did find.

This being our 3rd anniversary. I would like to have established a tradition for celebrating.  But we haven’t.  Our first anniversary, we bought a TV.  Our second anniversary, we went to Boise.  This year we don’t really have a plan.  We are going to Yellowstone later in the month when they open for the summer season. And we are working on buying a house.  But no big plans.  Do you have a tradition for celebrating your anniversary?  Do you have ideas for us?

We didn’t do a traditional wedding and reception.  We got married early April and had our reception 7 weeks later.  I tend to get sick when I’m stressed out.  I wanted to keep things simple and not be sick on our honeymoon.  We also spent very little on our wedding & reception.  Our friends and family were so great.  Two families paid for the meat for us.  Many people brought pies for our dessert.  Another friend made our cake and another did our photography.  We couldn’t have had such a great reception without them.


We are so thankful for our friends and family who have supported us.  We have some trouble with having kids, and we really appreciate them coming alongside as we work through this.  And I have to say the Hardworking Husband has been amazing in supporting me in this struggle.  We know God has a plan for us. And we are excited to see what it is.

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